How to Add Live Chat to Your Website For Free

With live chat, you can connect with your customers, support them instantly when they need help and boost your conversion rate. Adding live chat to your website is simple. Just follow our quick process and be up and running within minutes.

When you sign up for Userlike , you get a unique Javascript code that you can implement directly into your site's HTML. If you don’t have a Userlike account yet, you can create a free account here .

  1. Log in to the Userlike Dashboard. Go to Channels > Website widgets and select your Widget, then head to the Install tab.
  2. Under the Javascript Widget Code option, copy the Widget code.
  3. Paste the code into your website’s source code, just before the closing body tag.
  4. Save your changes and upload the updated source code to your web server.

And you’re done! You can now start chatting with your website visitors by going online in the Userlike Message Center.

Take a look at how other companies are already working with Userlike successfully in our customer stories . Happy chatting! :)