Integrate Your Live Chat with Segment

We are happy to announce a new powerful integration: Segment . Segment is a platform that collects, translates, and routes behavioral data of your customers to 160+ analytics & marketing tools with the flip of a switch.

The “data source” integration with Userlike makes it easy for Segment users to implement live chat on their site and record and send live chat events to their other tools. Beyond capturing product events like `Feature Page Viewed` and `Account Created`, customers will now be able to track events like `Live Chat Message Sent`. Segment customers can easily turn on this feature within Segment’s dashboard—no code required.

Combining your various business tools via Segment can provide you with important insights regarding your live chat setup. It can answer questions such as:

  • What pages are customers chatting on the most? Are they having trouble on that page?
  • Do User Interface changes help the customer? Does the number of chats go down after?
  • If customers chat with a live chat agent, do they spend more money? Are they more likely to repeat purchase? Are they less likely to return items?
  • How many people should we put on support and at what times? How do we best meet chat demand?

You can also automatically trigger emails to users who engaged in a live chat to see how their experience went in any of Segment’s email tools .

Get Started

Sign up here , or if you’re an existing Segment customer, log in and check the box `Record Live Chat Events` in your dashboard to collect the Experiment Viewed event.