Goodbye Aachener… Hello New Office!

We've moved into our new headquarters! Before sharing some impressions, let’s take a trip down memory lane past our previous offices.

David sitting at his desk, writing code.
Office 1: Construction site (2011).
David, Peter, and Pascal working.
Office 2: Shared apartment without heating (2012).
Timoor working from a balcony in Lisbon.
Office 3: Remote (2013).
The founding team in front of our office at Aachener Straße.
Office 4: Our first 'real' office, Aachener Straße (2014).

We'll always keep Aachener Straße in good memory, but it was time to leave. When we moved in, the Userlike team were only four people. Three years later, our number had grown to over twenty.

Too little privacy, too little air, too much noise. Not a problem as long as you have enough coffee. But because the kitchen was located in the middle of the office, whenever someone had an important call or webinar (which happened more and more often), it meant the rest of us couldn't talk, or –worse– use the coffee machine.

Luckily, we finally found a place that fit all our wishes.

Userlike team packing up boxes.
Packing up.

Office 5: Probsteigasse (2017)

The courtyard in our new office.
Our inner courtyard connects all rooms.
A large, bright room.
The office is bright and modern.
Niklas and Francesca in the kitchen.
No need to put a cap on the coffee flow.

We don’t like thinking in silos. So the main factor for splitting up the team to fit the two big rooms was simple: Noisiness. Those making calls, webinars and demos (Customer Success, Sales) in one room; the 'quiet' workers (Development, Design, Accounting, Marketing) in the other.

The marketing team sitting at their desks.
Production Room: Marketing
The development team sitting at their desks.
Production Room: Development
Thomas sitting at his desk.
Working on new chat designs.
The team plays table foosball.
After lunch foosball and Fifa tournaments. Spot the pro.
The team having a barbecue.
With two inner courtyards we finally have the space for a professional BBQ.
The team eating lunch in the kitchen.
Jörn and Michael having a burger.
Beef Brothers.
A salad bowl.
Team salad.

Four more people have already started after we’d moved. More will be joining us here.

The new Userlikers jumping into the air.
Happy newbies.

Exciting times ahead!