Introducing the Threema Channel – Customer Support on the World’s Most Secure Messenger

At Userlike, we believe that messaging is the best way to communicate with your customers – on your website and/or through messaging apps.

But when it comes to messaging apps, people are divided among the different solutions out there. And oftentimes, they use multiple messengers for different purposes. Which is why we've built Userlike so that you can connect many different messaging channels.

A data vault.

With data privacy and security growing in importance, it makes sense to offer a messaging channel to your most privacy- and GDPR-conscious customers. Now you can do so with our new messaging channel: Threema.

Threema is a messenger from Switzerland built for security and data privacy. Because it operates on the principle of generating as little user data as possible, you don’t need to register a phone number or an email address.

This means you can use the channel fully anonymously. And because Threema isn’t financed by advertising, your data won’t be passed on to third parties.

This makes it the ideal choice for all types of business communication, in particular, customer support, recruiting, and internal customer service.

Ways to use Threema for your business

Customer support

The convenience of messaging makes it ideal for customer service. Businesses and customers can send messages back-and-forth, whenever it suits, without breaking off the conversation.

For your data-conscious customers, Threema is the perfect accompaniment to the popular messaging channels. Your customers can still enjoy the benefits of instant messaging without unknowingly exposing personal information. "Threema support" is especially promising in certain industries with a premium on privacy, such as healthcare.

By connecting Threema with Userlike, you can serve your Threema customers with a professional support tool.


Some years ago, recruiters started flocking towards messaging apps. They realized they could reach more candidates on their favorite channels than via the phone. Everyone’s messaging all the time, meaning messages are, more or less, guaranteed to be read.

Uncle Sam hat.

In 2018, however, the introduction of the GDPR changed the face of recruiting. From sourcing potential candidates to screening and destroying candidates’ CVs, recruiters now have to carefully map where and when they collect data – as well as how they store it.

This means that for a messaging app to be suitable for recruitment purposes, it has to be fully GDPR-compliant. And not many apps can promise that. But Threema, being built on the principles of security and data protection, can.

By connecting Threema with Userlike, your recruitment team can easily manage the scale of incoming applications.

Internal customer service

Businesses use messaging apps to speed up their communication. Important updates can be communicated in the knowledge that all employees will receive the necessary information.

The inverted pyramid, symbolizing internal customer service.

But because of GDPR concerns, many companies forbid the use of WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger for employee-to-employee communication. And while solutions like Slack and Microsoft Teams are more secure, they are still U.S.-based. This means there are doubts as to whether they will remain compliant with future GDPR legislation.

That’s why many companies are turning to solutions like Threema Work. Unlike other messaging software, Threema lets you stay in full control of your internal communication.

When everyone in your company communicates through Threema, it can be valuable to connect with Userlike for internal customer service purposes. Your HR team, for example, could use Userlike to process Threema requests from people throughout the company.

Threema and Userlike

Since Threema is not as mainstream (yet) as, say, WhatsApp, it probably doesn’t make sense to have a business interface only for Threema.

But if you want to add it to your existing messaging channels (web chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.), it pays to consider using a business solution like Userlike.

Woman smiling at her phone while sending a message to customer service on Threema.

Userlike stacks a business layer to your messaging channels, allowing you to receive all your messages in one place. When you connect to our solution, all your messages are handled in an equally secure setup.

Data security is at the heart of our setup. All personal data is stored on servers within Germany which means no access to third parties, including nosy intelligence agencies.

Our integration works for both users of the regular Threema app and for those using Threema Work.

How to get started with Threema

To connect Threema with Userlike, you’ll first need to register an account on the Threema Gateway to obtain the necessary credentials (Custom ID, Public Key and Private Key).

Once you’ve received this information, you’re ready to connect your Userlike account. Simply log in to your Userlike account and create a new Threema channel.

This Threema tutorial will walk you through the individual steps. And of course, we’re available if you need extra assistance or have any questions.

After you’re set up, it's a good practice to announce your new channel to your customers. For inspiration, check out our article on how to guide your customers to your messaging channels.

The Threema channel is available on any of Userlike's premium plans. Don’t have a Userlike account yet? Sign up for a 14-day trial to take it for a test drive.