Multi-channel customer messaging software

Reach your customers across messaging channels: your website, FB Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and more.

Lady with a tablet receiving chat support for an order.
Do these also come in blue? Userlike customer success agent Yes, I can send you the link 🙂 That’d be great!
  • Website chat
  • Chatbots
  • GDPR-compliant
  • WhatsApp & more
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Customer talk Companies that are already messaging with their customers


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Creating that
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Customer communication for the digital age The optimal channel for getting support, offering support, making sales and managing communication

Your customers love messaging

The instant and hurdleless nature of messaging makes it everyone’s most favorite channel. For private communication, but for getting answers from companies as well.

The Website Messenger showing a customer messaging conversation about a bathroom design.

Let leads flow naturally

Userlike turns your customer interactions into a continuous stream of leads. Think about it. Your most valuable leads are people who’ve already shown to be interested in your offerings.

Userlike card showing a contact and various channels to reach out to.

Enjoyable and stress-free

Stress and burnout are common affections of those working with legacy support channels like phone and email. Userlike puts an end to this through the inherent nature of customer messaging and dedicated features that make offering support easy and fun.

Example of Userlike’s chat macro feature, canned messages that allow support agents to answer at lightning speed.

Managing customer messaging at scale has never been so easy

Userlike was built with managers in mind. Clear dashboards, KPIs, operator comparisons, customer ratings and filter options make it easy to spot areas for improvement.

The Message Center The heart of your customer messaging

The Message Center’s conversation list.

The gateway to your channels

Connect the Website Messenger, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS, with more channels coming. All messaging in one hub.

The Message Center’s contact area.

A central place for your customers

More than just a chat solution, Userlike is a messaging CRM. Build comprehensive profiles of your customers and serve them the best you can.

Showcasing Userlike’s Live Translation feature, with a German customer asking for help.

Tailored to support and sales

Built like an intuitive messaging app, but stocked with powerful features dedicated to the needs of support and sales.

The Website Messenger Bringing customer messaging to your website

Website Messenger conversation with a customer asking about a specific sunscreen.

Built with the latest technologies

Supporting a plethora of media options, including file transfers, URL and image previews, in-chat video play and more.

Website Messenger view with conversation history.

Jump back in

The Website Messenger allows your customers to start multiple conversations and jump back in on old ones through identity verification.

Website Messenger with the voice recording option open.

Voice messaging

Bringing voice messages to customer communication. For those who don’t want to type.

The channels Embrace the future of customer communication and bring your support to the channels your customers rely on every day.

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An uncompromised focus on data privacy Hosted in Europe

  • Hosting in Germany
  • ISO 27001-certified hosting
  • 100% GDPR-compliant
  • Data privacy features

We’ve always believed that customer communication should stay private between the customer and the business. Our privacy features and secured setup guarantee it.

Map of Germany.