The Major Developments Over the Past Quarter

Over the last quarter, we’ve been adding plenty of features and improvements.

Here’s a rundown of the most important changes.

New dashboard integration

Over the past few years, we added features to transform Userlike from website chat to a multi-channel customer messaging solution.

But with all those new features came a certain level of complexity in our navigation. To improve the onboarding and user experience, we restructured the Dashboard menu and made some changes to the overall home screen.

image shows the new navigation in the Userlike Dashboard

You can learn about these changes in the article What’s New: Improved Product Navigation, Onboarding and More .

WhatsApp templates

As WhatsApp Business is primarily intended as a customer service solution, the customer has to initiate the conversation. If a business wants to approach a customer or reply outside of the 24-hour service window, they will need to use a pre-approved template and you will be charged a small fee per message.

You can now create and select WhatsApp templates for your WhatsApp business account directly in Userlike. This is done in your Dashboard’s Channel section .

image of session and template messages in WhatsApp

Start & end of the chatbot beta

In October, we introduced new chatbot features to beta testers. With the last release, we left the beta phase, meaning that all our customers from the Business plan onwards can now benefit from these features and more .

Bots even get a separate link in the Dashboard to clearly separate them from their “human colleagues”.

Roles and permissions

Roles allow you to assign your different levels of access permissions to your operators. With Unified Messaging, the range of different functions and possible applications expanded, meaning permissions also had to be adapted .

You can now set different permissions for your operators in the Roles section of your Dashboard.

overview of the roles section within the Userlike Dashboard

Registration form for offline messages

One of the main benefits of our new product is the possibility to take live conversations offline. If a customer leaves an offline message when you’re offline, you can respond at a later time - providing they leave their contact details.

You now have an option to make a registration form available in chat during offline hours. This makes it mandatory for a customer to provide their contact details when sending you an offline message, thereby ensuring they will receive your answer.

New proactive mode

Proactive chat helps you target the people who need extra help while browsing your site. But it can feel annoying to visitors if the chat window takes up the entire screen.

Now, individual bubbles appear after the timeout, making for a less disruptive experience.

Offline within service times

Cartoon of an hourglass

With live chat, speed is of the essence. But, you’ll likely not be available around the clock to answer your customer’s questions. In those cases, it’s important to set expectations, so that they can still have a good experience.

To let customers know how quickly they can expect a reply from you, we’ve introduced two differentiated offline messages: an "offline message" and an "offline message during service times".

New widget languages

Good news for businesses supporting customers around the globe. You can now expand your reach in Danish, Polish, Romanian and Swedish, alongside the previously available languages, English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Account migration scheduler

Making the switch from Live Chat to Unified Messaging just got easier. Where before you had to clone or export and import your chat widgets, now you can schedule a migration to move everything safely all at once. Read more in our tutorial .

overview of the comparison live chat vs. unified messaging

This feature is currently only available for customers on our Team plan.

We hope you enjoy the improvements to our product. Let us know how they work out for you.

Happy chatting!