Heads-Up: We Will Be Changing Our Prices

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We will soon be raising prices across all of our paid plans for new subscriptions.

After the upcoming release on Friday, the 30th of October, 7PM CET, new prices will apply to new customers. Existing customers will continue to pay the old prices.

A price increase is always a bit stressful for everyone. We want to be fair to our customers. If you're currently in the middle of a decision-making process and you think you won't make it to decide before Friday the 30th, please let us know and we will work something out.

In this post, I’ll cover:

  1. Why we’re raising our prices
  2. How our new prices will look
  3. FAQ

Why we’re raising our prices

New product, new pricing

The last time we touched our prices was in 2017. Since then, Userlike has developed from a simple website chat solution to an all-round, cross-channel, customer messaging solution.

We’ve invested countless hours into developing new features and improving on existing ones. Now these improvements will be reflected in our prices for new customers. Like I mentioned before, current customers will stay on the old pricing plans.

Reconciling two stories

We’ve always heard two different stories from our customers. Small businesses complained that we were too expensive, while large businesses are surprised that we’re so cheap.

Our strategic focus has always been narrow on the product (messaging) and wide on the type of customers. We’re proud that Userlike works for the smallest online shops as well as the largest multinationals.

We’ve decided to reconcile these two points by offering a more lenient Free product – for those who cannot afford it – and raising prices for those who can.

Taking Userlike to the next level

Then the final reason for raising our prices is because we want to take Userlike to the next level. Hopefully, you’re already enjoying Userlike as it is. But we want to make messaging the default mode of communication between businesses and their customers.

That means making many more product improvements, offering global support, and spreading the word far and wide. We’re not able to do these things with our current pricing setup.

Our new pricing

So let’s take a look now at the changes in prices and plans. Note that these are calculated to include the annual billing discount and that they exclude VAT:


Nothing changes here :) But with our move to Unified Messaging, we already made the Free plan much more powerful than before. We’ve lifted all limitations on the chat window design and conversation history.


  • Old price: €29 monthly
  • New price: €90 monthly

Instead of 3 seats and 3 Widgets, Team now allows you to add 4 colleagues and 4 Widgets.


  • Old price: €99 monthly
  • New price: €290 monthly

Instead of 5 seats and 5 Widgets, Corporate now allows you to add 10 colleagues and 10 Widgets.


  • Old price: €299 monthly
  • New price: €720 monthly

Instead of 10 seats and 10 Widgets, Business now allows you to add 20 colleagues and 20 Widgets.

Frequent questions

If I buy a subscription now, will I still pay the old prices?

Yes. As long as you upgrade before the 30th of October, you will fall within the old pricing scheme.

How will this affect my paid subscription when it renews after the price increase?

When your subscription renews, you also stay within the old pricing scheme. So this won’t affect you if you’re already subscribed.

What if I upgrade to a higher plan after the 30th of October?

In that case you will be charged the new prices. If you upgrade before the 30th, you still get the old price. So if you were considering upgrading to a higher plan, you may want to think about doing so in the coming week.

Like I mentioned, we want to make this price change fair for our customers. Clear communication is the first step. If you have any questions regarding our pricing change plans, just start a chat with our support team!