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The next frontiers of competitive differentiation

Digital customer communication is moving fast: Chatbots and AI, mobile messaging apps, NLP and data privacy concerns are taking the stage. The Digital Conversation League offers a platform to discuss and reflect on the latest trends and breakthroughs with like-minded professionals.

Networking at one of the Digital Conversation League events.

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Our approach

  • Small events

    Our approach is small and personal, with max. 30-50 visitors per event. This gives you the chance to build a connection with anyone in the room.

  • Keynote speaker

    Every meetup begins with a quick presentation around a relevant theme in the industry – kick-starting a pleasant evening of interesting conversation.

  • Food & wine

    Nothing breaks the ice like breaking bread together. What can we say? We love good food!

A speech given at one of the Digital Conversation League events.


  • Connect with like-minded professionals
  • Get first-hand insights
  • Discover new technologies and tools
  • Cross-industry inspiration

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Donnerstag, 26. Oktober 2023
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Some impressions

Restaurant with a sign of the Customer Dialogue Dinner.

The Digital Conversation League is a meeting place for people from many different disciplines who are all connected through their focus on customer communication. I learn so much every time I attend an event.

Timoor Taufig Timoor Taufig CEO - Userlike
Empty dinner table at the Digital Conversation League.

Relationships are the foundation of trust. The challenge of ecommerce is to translate this into a digital experience and then to scale it. I’ve found the Digital Conversation League to be a great place for bouncing off ideas on how to achieve these two challenges.

Moritz Richartz Moritz Richartz Head of Sales Operations & CRM – Trusted Shops

Our business focuses on AI and NLP. A lot of it is theoretical, high-level stuff. The Digital Conversation League is a great way to get in touch with how people use such technologies in day-to-day business.

Sven Engelmann Sven Engelmann Founder & CEO - OMQ
The Userlike team at one of the Digital Conversation League dinners.

We’ve reached a crucial technological tipping point with algorithms now being capable of engaging in human conversation. I’ve found the DCL to be a great community for discussing the challenges that accompany this opportunity.

Patrick Staufenbiel Patrick Staufenbiel Processmanager - Hermes

The exchange with other companies and their stories is very present and the topic of communication can be discussed in a great atmosphere with delicious food. This certainly generates fresh ideas and new perspectives on your own company, even for long-standing “masters of communication.”

Tatjana Schübel Tatjana Schübel Business Development
& Digitalization - Mercedes-Benz AG