Messenger channels
Connect with your customers through their favorite messaging apps

All messages, whether sent via Facebook, Telegram, or your website, arrive in your Message Center.

A Message Center conversation with Stephan regarding an early hotel check-in.
Stephan wants to know
if he can check in earlier

Major Messaging Apps One platform for all your customer connections

Mobile device with customer chat on Telegram running through Userlike.


The many features of Telegram have allowed it to grow into one of the largest messaging apps around. By connecting Telegram with your secure Userlike account, your customers can directly reach out for support to receive the answers on their mobile devices. Try out a session with @userlike_chat_bot on Telegram.

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Mobile device with customer chat on Threema running through Userlike.


Data privacy and security are only growing in importance. That’s why it makes sense to offer your customers and/or employees the most secure messaging channel on the market: Threema. With Threema, everything you send is end-to-end encrypted. Connect Userlike with Threema to receive all your messages in one place.

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Mobile device with Userlike’s mobile-optimized chat window showing a customer chat.

Userlike Web Chat

Your website is the face of your company. With Userlike you give it a voice. Help your web visitors through a well designed chat window. Live chat for websites connects perfectly to the needs of eCommerce. Answer questions as they pop up, guide your visitors around the website, and raise your conversion.

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Mobile device with customer chat on SMS running through Userlike.


Despite the rise of apps like FB Messenger and WhatsApp, SMS is still a thing. For good reason: It’s platform-independent and runs on every mobile phone. It also doesn’t rely on an internet connection, giving your customer communication a global reach. With our integration, you can send and receive SMS and MMS right in your Message Center.

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