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Powerful live chat software for enterprises

Userlike allows large-scale organizations to offer personal, one-on-one customer support – the type you’d only expect from your local grocery store. Our Flex plan combined with tailored guidance makes us the number one choice among industry leaders.

How we work

A circle icon of connected dots, symbolizing close cooperation.

Close connection

To achieve the best implementation, we work closely with you to understand your setup, challenges, and wishes.

A compass icon, symbolizing a mix of guidance and self-service.

Guidance and self-service

You appreciate guidance, but you don’t want to have to reach out to us for every little change. No matter your growth, Userlike stays lean.

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Fast project launch

From first intake call to your first customer chat – we’ll get you creating new customer relationships fast.

Enterprise Features Built for the challenges of scale


With our Flex plan, you can easily adjust the amount of your organizations, groups, Widgets. No limits. Just scale up and down as you go.

A stack of operator cards, symbolizing the ease of adjusting your support team.
Easily adjust the
size of your team


Reflect your organizational structure with our organizations feature. This allows you to set up multiple, independently operating teams under one umbrella.

One tall building connected to three shorter buildings, showing Userlike’s Organizations feature.

German data privacy standards

As a software solution born and hosted in Germany, data privacy has always been a crucial topic for us. With Userlike, you’re guaranteed to abide your country’s regulations.

Operator roles and capabilities

Not only can you assign different roles to your individual team members, you can further specify the permission rights of each of these roles.

Four operator cards, showing the different roles and levels of access.

Advanced routing

We take customer routing seriously, as it’s a crucial factor of customer happiness, and your service team’s efficiency. We offer various options, such as skill-based routing, behavior-based routing, and custom routing events, to ensure a setup that fits your preferred logic and processes.

A decision chart, showing how Userlike can connect your customers with support reps.
Define your rules
Optimize your
chat system

Service times

Define how your chat system behaves outside of your support hours – e.g. activate a contact form, remove the chat function or let a chatbot take over.

A clock and a man with a proactive chat message.
Define time-based
chat behavior

Custom chatbots

With our HTTP API framework, you can connect chatbots to your own logic – allowing them to recognize and answer common questions. You could even connect your chatbots to an advanced AI system like IBM Watson.

Access to the WhatsApp Business API

With the Flex plan you can connect Userlike to the WhatsApp Business API. Expand your customer communication to the world’s most popular messaging app.

Userlike’s Message Center with various customer conversations conducted through the WhatsApp channel.
Your hub for
WhatsApp support

Advanced analytics

Userlike’s built-in analytics give you a clear overview of what you’ve defined as your most important KPIs.

Userlike’s analytics dashboard.

Full API access

In the end, we can’t predict all your needs. That’s why you can connect with our full range of APIs.

A key with arrows linking to the various APIs that Userlike has to offer.

Service option

For nearly ten years, we’ve reflected on chat and implemented it as a support channel across a wide variety of industries – fueling more than eleven million conversations up to date. Take advantage of the experience that we’ve distilled into our services.